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In the commodities market, we provide operator based positional and intraday calls for traders.

Why are most of the trader’s losers in the market?

*Those, who maximises the risk by letting their losses run and limiting their gains.

*Those, who always miss the opportunity for extraordinary profits and gains.

*People do not have the clarity and comfort that come from following a successfully tested and logical strategy.

*Generally traders lack the ability to profit in both a bull and a bear market.

99.99% of the intraday traders never make money. The one who makes money is, your Broker !!!!!!!!! So stop sitting in front of screen 24*7. Because if you trade with the crowd then you may make money one or two times but by the end of the day you will lose money that is for sure.

Trading Strategies

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Whether the market is UP or Down …Just follow the trend and ride the Trade….

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Crude Oil – Last close- 3149

Still, the major move is pending……Today is the time to take new position……

From 2900 to 3180We recommended all buying at lower levels….

So… Now what next ????

On higher side again stiff resistance around 3200…..SO CHANCE TO SELL ?????

Gold – MCX -(27992)

Now get ready for Zigzag move……

Small Bounce ?????? And then …….

On higher side strong resistance zone at $1241-$1246…….It will be scary if again close below $1220…..

Right from 29350 to 28050….All sell calls given to clients…..


Its support time at $1220 ????? If close below this then again downside…..

Silver MCX July – (38502)

NOW, WHAT TO DO IN SILVER? Small bounce……and then…..

On higher side strong resistance at $16.75 and then $17.02….

Last few days told our paid clients >>>>> On downside $15.80-$16 range will provide buying support….

Is this time to buy at lower levels or still sell on any rise…..??????? July month contract will be interesting to trade…..

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Every day, I receive lots of calls from all over India. And out of that 99% traders are those who have got loss in the commodity or stock market. And what I learned from them is a mistake that is common in them. That mistake is `Lack of self-confidence and lack of proper strategy”.

If you make your plans well in advance and strictly follow the strategy then everything becomes easy. Sometimes people follow the rumors and forget the Technical charts. Sometimes they convert their loss making position into investment and they lose whole capital in only one trade. This is one of the most serious mistakes people make in their trading business…So I always guide them not to follow the traditional method of trading in which you are getting the loss. Just change the strategy and see the difference.—————–For more you can call me on my given numbers for proper guidance. 07801810417 or send a message on WhatsApp !!

Whether the market is UP or Down …Just follow the operaor news and ride the Trade….

Please Note- Kind Attention- Please do not expect detailed levels exposed and written here from us. Because we have to preserve something more for our paid clients.

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Earn Money Step By Step In Safe & Decent way…